Monday, August 1, 2011


Brand: Rainier*
Circa: 1950's
Color: Black
Size: 7 1/2D
Length: 11 1/4"
Width: 4"
Soles: Biltrite full composition soles
Leather: Horsehide
Hardware: Brass with double riveted soles
Sold For: $650.00 / 4 Bids
Seller: sarah*conner

Here's a pair of Vintage Engineer Boots I'd love to add to my collection.  The combination of the patinaed Horsehide, the brass buckles and toe profile are simply amazing.  I'm partial to half soles or full leather soles, but I'm really digging these full composition soles.

These boots were purchased from a Japanese retailer now offering them at a relatively low price considering where they are coming from.

*The seller states there used to be a shoe company called Rainier in the Pacific Northwest that made these, so Rainier is actually the make.

These boots must have endured extreme climate changes over the years for the leather heels to crack like this.

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