Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been having a blast relaxing at home and making things out of leather recently and came up with the idea of creating something that honors my passion for Engineer Boots. 

What better way to this than with an Engineer Boot instep strap-style key lanyard?  They look cool and are completely functional.  I tooled around with a few styles and before I realized it I had ten of them laying in front of me.  These are completely hand crafted from beginning to end - The leather is hand cut, hand punched,  hand dyed (or left natural, which ages wonderfully), swivel snap hand riveted in place and finally hand studded, as required/requested.  Having said that, no two are the same. 

They are made with 3-4 ounce veg-tanned natural leather and are available in standard and small size nickel rectangle roller buckles, standard size nickel non-roller buckles as well as standard and small size brass non-roller buckles.  I also have a limited run with custom buckles from Japan's one and only, Takeshi Okuyama. 

*I also have another set of limited run Horween Shell Cordovan key lanyards coming up.

All hardware color corresponds with the nickel or brass colored buckles which include the studs and rivets that secure the swivel snap hooks.

The edges are left raw and not beveled or edged in order to stay true to the look of an instep strap. 

Limited run:  Custom Okuyama buckles, both standard and small sizes. 

I also decided to create a leather wallet lanyard that connects the key to one of my wallets. The wallets have been my favorite project so far and I think I'm getting close to a product I'm happy with.

Studding belts and making wallets are super time-consuming, so for instant gratification I'll continue to make these fun little pieces.

All key lanyards will have a pointed strap; however, the rounded end can be made upon request.

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  1. Hey brother love your originality!