Sunday, June 26, 2011


Brand: Star
Circa: 1940'S
Color: Black
Size: 8 1/2
Length: 11 1/4"
Width: 4"
Soles: Leather
Heels: Light Tread
Leather: "Horsehide"
Hardware: Brass
Condition: Great shape for age
Sold For: $930.23 / 16 Bids
Seller: moth-food

Now here's a perdy pair of boots!  The profile screams original and super vintage.  I'm a fan of Woodsman heels and they definitely add flavor to these scarce boots. 

Shrinkage on leather heels and midsoles are very typical of Vintage Engineer Boots; thereby, causing rubber heel and sole caps to appear oversized.  No problem...just a few minutes of grinding from a reputable cobbler is all you need for these boots.  Otherwise, these are ready to go.

I totally expected these to sell for well over a just never know.  The winner should be jumping for joy at this price.

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