Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Brand: Sears Wearmaster
Circa: "1950's"
Color: Black
Size: Unknown, but measurements look like 7 1/2
Length:  11"
Height: 17"
Soles: Half soles
Heels:  Woodsman stacked heels
Hardware: Nickel
Leather: Oil Tanned
Condition: Used
Sold For: Unknown.  Start bid at $249.99 and ended early
Seller: lo71

I'm always tempted to contact the seller when he/she ends an auction early just to find out what they accepted as a reasonable offer.  Afterall, the original intent of this blog was to archive boots and their information for future reference.   In my opinion, if these sold for anything under five bills it's a good day for the buyer.  These are worth at least seven bills...nothing more.

Great profile on these and with a layer or two of vintage leather conditioner, you've got yourself a good looking pair of Vintage Engineer Boots.


  1. I talked to this seller, and he's the same guy who had that last pair of Beck's for sale. He told me he was willing to go as low as $500 on these, but no lower. So I would assume 5 or so.