Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've receieved quite a few questions from overseas blog fans about vintage shops to visit during their trips to New York and I never really have a good answer.  Well, a blog fan and fellow Servicemember (Thanks for your service!), Seth, turned me on to what sounds like a great place called Stock Vintage.  Here are a couple of write ups from New York Magazine.

"Melissa Howard opened this vintage shop in 2006, decorating the space with her collection of dated Adirondack furniture and primitive objects, like a twenties life vest and worn Chinese checkerboards. The selection focuses almost exclusively on menswear (a rarity among vintage suppliers), drawing devotees from the outer boroughs. The nailed, hardwood flooring, dusky lighting, and weathered, outdoorsy décor give the impression of stepping into an old-world shop from the early twentieth century. Howard scours estate sales across the country for thirties Levis, vintage work boots from the forties, Brown’s Beach workwear, Buco leather jackets, leather U.S. mail satchels, and anything made of Stifel fabric (a rare indigo print that was only made from 1840 to 1930). Rather than searching for designer names or temporarily revived trends, she seeks out rare, well-preserved items with real historic value. Recent finds include an unworn pair of customized boots from the forties, silver Mexican souvenir rings from the thirties, and a batch of oversize leather trucker wallets, once used by drivers to carry shipping documents."

143 E. 13th St.


  1. Pack a wedge, that place is crazy expensive....but has some killer stuff! There are ton more vintage places to hit there and some private showrooms to boot if you've got the loot.

  2. I hear this place gets the goods too:

  3. There was a seamen's outfitters in jacksonville,fl that would make that place look like a wal-mart.Except everything was brand new.

  4. A couple other recommendations if you're out in the city that I think are worth mentioning are:

    The Odd Twin

    Both are a short train ride into Brooklyn from Manhattan and very close to one another. I've found some pretty great stuff at both of them.