Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's been just about a week since I last ran, so I decided to hit the road during lunch today.  As usual, I just start running and figure out my route depending on how I feel.  My office is located at the top of a mountain, so there are plenty of hills (which I love running) and plenty of routes.  I decided to run the 2 3/4+ miles down the road to the base of the mountain and even then didn't know if I wanted to run back up the mountain or try out a new route.  I opted for the latter and kind of regret it as I didn't know where I was going, but pushed through the rest of the 6.62 miles up the mountainous back roads.  It was a super fun lunchtime PT loaded with plenty of hills and sunscreen for my tattoos.  I can't wait to beat my time next week.

Distance:  6.62 miles
Duration:  56:41
Average Pace:  8:33min/mi
kCal:  681

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