Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My buddy Steve has concluded that his size 11 Mister Freedom "Road Champ" Engineer Boots are a bit too small and is working with the super kind folks at Mister Freedom to determine a bigger size availability for purchase.  Having said that, his one year old, perfectly worn in pair is being offered at a discounted price.  Here's a great opportunity for someone who's been ogling over these to obtain them at a discounted price.  They have not been treated with any type of leather conditioner, so they will continue to age beautifully.  Here's the skinny:

Click here to see how amazing these boots look as they continue to age.

The boots will come with the original box, boot tag and denim bag. 

Brand: Mister Freedom
Model: Road Champ
Size: 11
Length: 12 3/16" with heel against wall to tip of toe
Width: 4 3/8"
Height: 12"
Soles/Heels: Professionally reheeled and sole capped by a local cobbler.  The cap is a welcomed addition as I plan on doing the same with mine in the future.
Leather: Vegetable Tanned Thick Cowhide
Hardware: Nickel
Location: UK
Price: $650 Or Best Offer**

**If purchased within the week, they will be shipped free, (worldwide) with DHL tracking.  Discounted shipping or more information can be discussed with Steve here.


  1. I think they make the boots up to size 12 don't they?

  2. Yes they do Matt. I'm going for a size 12 next time.

  3. Nice! Man, I'm really drooling over these....might be cheaper to chop my toes off and buy your 11's! LOL!!

  4. the half soles are sewed in? who ddi this?

  5. Huy Eddie, gusto mo? Only one of the best UK cobblers did the work.

  6. Incase any London based people reading this are interested the cobbler who did the resole work is called "Rawhide" 26 Camden Road
    Camden Town, London NW1 9DP. Fantastic work at a very reasonable priced too.