Saturday, June 18, 2011

CRY BABY - 1990

Holy cow - this movie is over twenty-one years old!?!? The Engineer Boots definitely look like something out of 1954, but the soles reveal otherwise. They reveal what looks to be a generic brand of the time the movie was made.


  1. Hi, since Depp (and me of course) is a fan of the "only band that matters" aka The Clash, there is a strong boot connection there. The Clash used to wear Engineer Boots a lot, I've heard the it was Johnny Thunders that introduced them to the Engineer boot. And that Paul Simonon of the Clash said that he blames Engineer Boots for having bald patches on his legs! On the famous London Calling cover (Elvis rip off) Paul's wearing a pair of Engineer Boots, though it's a bit out of focus.

    Here are some links showing the band wearing the boots in matter:

    Regards from Stockholm, Sweden

  2. Those jeans look like modern 505's also. The jacket looks like a good one though. Good movie.