Thursday, April 21, 2011


Brand:  Red Wing
Circa:  Late 1940's
Color:  Black
Size:  “7 D"
Length:  11¼”
Width:  4”
Height:  Not indicated, but obviously 17"-18"
Soles:  Leather
Heels:  Leather
Hardware:  Brass
Condition:  Deadstock
Sold For:  $1,025 / 17 Bids
Seller:  jetteset

Finally, a pair of 17" Vintage Engineer Boots bringing in the same market price as their shorter peers...and with good reason - they are "Blue Label" Red Wings.  The profile on these are pretty decent; I've seen sexier, but I say they sold for this much due to their scarcity. 
Although marked a "7D," I say it could easitly fit a size 8D.  I have plenty of size 8D Engineer Boots with the same measurements. 
In a perfect world, I see these selling for five or six hundred.  I personally would do no more than eight bills. 

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