Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Jillian and I had a great time hanging out at the Alameda Swap Meet this weekend.  Not that we found amazing deals (Jillian picked up a great pair of bullet planters and I picked up a workwear vest), but we had an awesome time hanging out with some really cool friends, John and Sylvie. 

I picked up a great horsehide jacket the last time we visited a year ago, but wasn't so lucky this time. 

This vendor told me he picked up the great pair of late 1950's / 1960's Chippewa Engineer Boots for twenty dollars.  I found it hard to believe, but it's a cool story nonetheless.

Here's a neat sign he said he picked up also for twenty dollars

This was his booth...could he be Ashley?  I guess I should've asked his name since I snapped quite a few photos of him


  1. That guy is a lucky bastard to find those boots for so cheap! John & Sylvie are the best...nice photos you took too!

  2. Spotted you two as you were in the parking lot getting into your car.

    I didn't wanna be a creep and be like SUP I'M FROM THE INTERNET!

    But I don't think that commenting about it is any better.

    - Jan (therebelrouser blog, but I can't comment under that.)

  3. Hi Jan - that is TOO funny. You totally shoulda stopped and "holla'd." I find it absolutely flattering when people come up to me, 'cause they know me from this here blog.

    Thanks for the comment - your rock, Jan!

    Matt, I totally called it. I told that guy he could sell it for at least five bills and sure enough, on eBay it went...for five. even (after an original offer of $999).