Monday, April 11, 2011


On March 30th, I decided to establish a Twitter account after listening to the very intriguing interview of Twitter founder, Biz Stone, on Howard Stern. 

I attempted a cornucopia of Username options - "VintageEngineerBoots" was taken..."EngineerBoots" was taken and any other variation I could think of was taken.  Who are these people?  Anyway, Jillian suggested "MrEngineerBoots" but that, too, was taken.  Ahhhh!!  I ended up being one single "MrEngineerBoot," but I was able to update the name to "VintageEngineerBoots," so that's okay.

If history serves as any guide; however, I won't be tweeting  for too long.  I was a MySpace user some years ago just for a short time and during a training event at Yuma, AZ, last year I started a Facebook account that lasted for a week before I deleted it.  I'm just not a big social networking kinda feller. 

I mean, what do I tweet? Because I work a lot, they would be predominantly work related..."headed to a meeting," "Headed to my fourth meeting of the day," "Just did twenty wide-grip, dead-hang pull ups before my meeting."

Anyway, I logged in when I got home from work and perused the tweets of the nine people I'm following.  A tweet that caught my was one from Katy Perry.  Um...I follower her, because...she's...Russel Brand's wife.  Yeah...that's it.

Ummm, this is hardly a Katy Perry tattoo.  If, by "Katy Perry," they mean "Deanna Durbin" then, yes.

Deanna Durbin - one of my crushes when I was growing up watching AMC

My short lunchtime run - 3.97 miles

Today was my first day back in the office since returning from Afghanistan and then from leave.  Well, I got my old office back with a fresh coat of paint and freshly painted and lined footlocker/"7 cube Embark box" with my name stenciled on it.  It's good to know my Marines respect me enough to go through this trouble.

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  1. Welcome back to work! :) I hope you haven't already abandoned your twitter account - I've gotta add you when I get home! - @USNsis