Thursday, April 28, 2011


Brand: Rolling Dub Trio (L10W4-8007)
Soles: Vibram (Cord) Half-Sole  #427
Heels: Quabaug
Leather: Steerhide
Country of Origin: Japan
Price: ¥77,700 ($946) Sold Out

The sole profile and craftsmanship on these great looking Engineer Boots, to me, have Takeshi Okuyama's name all over it.  It turns out; however, that pretty much all Japanese Coblers who specialize in working with Engineer Boots have the same style (although, not with Takeshi's attention to deail) - only if we had someone with the same skills locally. 

The only thing that would make these boots perfect is a lower profile, non-celastic toe box.  Otherwise, these boots kick butt.

1 comment:

  1. The craftmanship and materials look really awesome, but i really agree with you on the toe profile.
    They just look too chunky when worn.