Saturday, April 2, 2011


I met David Himel through his vintage leather jacket blog well over a year ago when he was in the prototype/promotion stage of his bespoke Himel Brothers Co. Leather jacket line. I was offered the chance to purchase any one of the prototypes and, unfortuneatly, declined the offer. Lucky for me; however, the full line of HBC jackets are avaiablable through his new site.

On his site, you'll learn the lengths Mr. Himel goes through to ensure his offerings are of the highest caliber, top notch quality and style.

I plan on taking the plunge soon on a jacket I regret not acquiring back then; the Heron 1929.

Musher 1929

Avro 1939

Kensington Racing Shirt 1949


  1. Saw their products first hand at CraftWorkWear last week, they are super nice...

  2. I've been looking at that Heron for a while now....waiting for the exchange rate to return to OUR favor! Let me know how it is!