Sunday, April 10, 2011


I never gave much thought to all the military boots I've seen dangling from overhead wires in all my Marine Corps years.  While on a walk aboard Camp Pendleton with Jillian, Olive and Pepper; however, this particular pair of boots caught my attention. 

I always knew that a pair of boots hanging from a power line or telephone wire signified the end of a Marines career, be it honorable or dishonorable.

There was nothing special about this pair; they just hung there like the hundreds I've seen in the past, but the reason they caught my attention this day was the idea of my career coming to a twenty-year end in just over three years. 

Will I, too, participate in this non-doctrinal practice?  Not anytime soon.  Jillian and I have discussed our career at length and we've decided that we will stay in for as long as possible towards the maximum allowed thirty years...just around the corner.


  1. If you do, make it special with a pair of roughouts!! LOL!!!

  2. Interesting. I had always heard that shoes over the phone line meant that there was a drug dealer in the area - no lie! I think it'll take a lot for you to give up a pair of your boots! ;)

  3. Ha! I want to be the very first person to ever throw a pair of Engineer Boots on a line.