Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Brand:  Unknown
Circa:  1950's to early 1960's
Color:  Black
Size:  Approximately size 8
Length:  11”
Height:  11”
Heel:  1 1/2”
Soles:  Leather (resole)
Heels:  Goodyear Neolite
Leather:  "Could be Horsehide"
Hardware:  Brass
Condition:  Excellent vintage
Sold For:  $1,035 / 24 Bids
Seller:  rayw44

Yet another great pair of boots from rayw44.  This has all the desireable bells and whistles collectors look for in a pair of Vintage Engineer Boots; soft toes, brass buckles, patina, leather soles, toe tracks and long instep straps.  They are perfectly aged has a nice resole job.

I would best guess these as circa late 1950's.  I wouldn't mind having this pair in my closet, but there's another pair calling my name...

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