Thursday, March 31, 2011


I received my custom buckles from Takeshi Okuyama recently and will soon be replacing the buckles on my Wesco Boss', Frye Brando's and Chippewa 27899's.

When all was said and done, I think the all three sets cost about eighty dollars, shipped - not a bad deal at all.  He is easy to deal with and ships super fast.

Now to find a reputable shoe repair shop that won't butcher my boots.  I read the reviews for a local shop where "they lost the customer's shoes" and that's kinda sortuva deal breaker for me. 


  1. If i were you,i will made a test before, i've got a very bad experience with the family's shoes repair and my favorite italian designer's heels. Good luck and show us the results :)

  2. could you send me the contact info to order those buckles to also are you linking to anybody anymore? Would you like to do a link exchange with me...and my two blogs

  3. Hey John, you can it give a go and change them yourself. That's what I did with mine. Although I think a sewing machine with a long reach is easier than doing it by hand.

  4. Here is a before and after picture. I haven't dyed the thread to match the color of the boots, but it was a pretty simple process. I recommend only doing this on boots that are easily replaceable.