Sunday, February 6, 2011


We had Combat Camera take a photograph of the Marine Air Control Group-38 leadership yesterday.  It’s pretty much standard operating procedures to have this done so that we have something to put on an “I love me” wall in the office along with plaques, awards and certificates. 

This was actually the second attempt to have this photograph taken.  My boss, Major Siegel, and I completely forgot about the time last week, but thank goodness the Combat Camera Marine had the same problem.

Left to right:  Gunnery Sergeant Aultman, HMC Roque (USN), Me, Captain Stewart, Major Barker, Major Korpinen, Lieutenant Colonel Dodds, Sergeant Major Hall, Major Hinckley, Major Siegel, First Sergeant Jackson, Master Sergeant Vitale

Sergeant Major Hall and his "Detachment Staff Noncommissioned Officer's-in-Charge" 

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