Sunday, February 13, 2011


Brand:  Unknown
Circa:  “Late 1940’s”
Color:  Black
Size:  8
Soles:  Cat’s Paw Half-Sole
Heels:  Unknown, generic replacement
Leather:  “Horsehide”
Hardware:  Brass, double riveted reinforced sole
Condition:  “Fantastic Condition”
Listed For:  $99.99 with Reserve; Seller ended auction after a day or so
Seller:  dustylee67

Such a nice profile on this pair of Vintage Engineer Boots with perfect patina on the leather and brass buckles.  The seller is rumored to have accepted an early offer of $1,000 for them.  That’s about right for this caliber of boot, especially if they are horsehide.  Brass buckles, toe tracks, great leather, patina, Cat’s Paw soles…have a cobbler pound in a set of Cat’s Paw heels and call it a day.  They remind me of my Real McCoy’s Buco’s/Toy’s McCoy Beck’s – perhaps, the inspiration for them?

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  1. Sick! You missed a good show at and photos soon!