Friday, February 4, 2011


Brand:  Chippewa
Circa:  Sales tag identifies them as 1941. Without this tag, they easily identifiable as Pre-1955 by the Chippewa label.
Color:  Black
Size:  “Mens 7 1/2"
Length:  10 ¼”
Width:  4”
Height:  13”
Heel:  2”
Soles:  Leather
Heels:  Leather
Leather:  Unknown
Hardware:  Nickel, double riveted sole
Condition:  Deadstock
Sold For:  $1,045 / 7 Bids
Seller:  secondhandranch

Contributor:  Victor Zola

This is, by far, my favorite pair of boots that have been offered in quite some time.  I wish I knew about these while the auction was still active.  I think the sales tag identifies them as being from 1941...what'dya think?  The seller also stated the tag reveals a price tag of $15.00.  Save for the aftermarket metal work, this is truly a museum piece.  One that I would’ve paid good money for, but reluctant to wear.

I’d bet that if these Vintage Engineer Boots were a half or full size larger, at least five more bills could have been made.  I would’ve been content with taking these home at the selling price.

Not much more to say, except for…”Wow!”

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