Friday, January 28, 2011


They can be yours for the everyday low price of $1,500.


  1. They are truly a thing of beauty, but $1,500 will buy you an amazing vintage pair!

  2. These were horsehide too, I think. I really don't like the Cat's Paw and Vibram combination. Makes it look like it can't decide it it wanted to be modern or vintage. Should have left it a leather sole.

    I agree, you can pick up a true vintage pair for the same price. Why bother getting a copy? Unless its a pair of Buco's.

  3. Thought the same about the sole combination. Not what you expect on a high boot.
    Looks like they've got a nice slim toe profile and a long instep strap. Nice stitching on the rear vamp too.

  4. I could point out a few things I think could've been done better, but the most obvious is, indeed, the vibram sole. I agree on just leaving it leather.

    All the more reason to give them the Okuyama treatment :)

    They are clearly well made and I wouldn't doubt them to be horsehide.

    The toes will flatten out perfeclty, too.

    Cheers guys!!

  5. These are the first pictures of them John. I looked for any more info after seeing a glimpse of them on a continuous lean blog back in Sept last year but I couldn't find a thing!

  6. What size are these? And are they for sale?