Monday, January 3, 2011


From January through August 2008, Sgt Doyle (now a Staff Sergeant over at School of Infantry-West), worked with me as my Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge while serving in Iraq.  He was a great and funny guy to sit two feet from in the Combat Operations Center (COC) for seven months. 

Those who have spent enough time in the Marine Corps should be familiar with the "Cup of Joe" poster found around many offices.  Well, one day someone realized how much he resembled the picture on our COC refrigerator, so they decided to snap this photo.

*I know how amazingly high quality and professional the photoshop looks, but I can not take credit for it.  I think it was my Marines first time discovering PowerPoint and proclaimed himself a master.  I don't think he'll be creating billboard ads in the near future.

Original WWII poster

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