Friday, December 10, 2010


Here's a pair of Engineer Boots people are afraid to buy.  Whenever they pop up on the auction block, they don't sell all that well.  When they do sell; however, the ending price is usually in the sub-hundred dollar neighborhood.  That's great!  I personally own a pair of this exact style and among my thousand dollar pairs of boots, these are definitely one of my favorites.  I think I paid about eighty dollars for them. 

Snatch these up when you can, but be mindful about the style.  They came out with various models that aren't as appealing.  The best part?  They're made in the good ol' U.S. of A.


  1. Great boots...I saw a pair in a local vintage shop selling for $200...LOL!!!

  2. They have the steel toe ones here:

  3. Thanks for the link Matt!

    Yeah, the boots are one of the various models I suggest you stay away from if you're looking for more of an authentic, early look. The profile is reminiscent of the Red Wing Heritage Engineer Boots that, to me, look horrible. Notice how the white welt stitching goes all the way around the boots - not a good look on Engineers...

  4. I wouldn't be afraid to buy these if I could ever find them. All I've ever seen for sale are the cheaper looking wellingtons. Can't beat an American-made RW 2268 clone.