Sunday, December 19, 2010


Mark Wahlberg had quite a busy schedule aboard Camp Leatherneck here in Afghanistan today.  His first visit (after a delayed flight) was to the 1st Marine Division “Blue Diamond” memorial where he was met by predominantly 1st Marine Division Group/Combined Staff Marines and Sailors. 

I’m not a star-struck kind of person by any stretch, but my unit is co-located with “Division,” so I was able to walk out of my office and around the front to the memorial for a peek.

He is in area of operations (AO) to meet with Servicemembers and promote his new movie, The Fighter.  There were three separate movie show times throughout the day where he introduced them to each group, but not before a quick meet and greet.  He is, by far, one of the bigger celebrities to visit and show support for deployed servicemebers during all my combat tours.

This is the part where he said, “I’m not afraid of any one of you…do I look scared? Look at my hands…stiff as a board.” Not really.


  1. Cafe racer with plastic zipper, not horsehide. M. Damon and/or J. Bridges should be over there for PR run on True Grit coming out next Wednesday.

  2. thats cool. would have been cooler if he was just there to tell you guys and gals thanks.

  3. He played a Marine Recon sniper in Shooter, and is a producer on Boardwalk Empire.

  4. Jimmy, I agree. A rumor going around is that his PR guy was trying to pimp Mark's vitamin water. Not sure how true that is, but he did give props while at the "Blue Diamond."

    John, I hear that a lot of Snipers weren't happy with his portryal. I, myself, have not seen that movie. Boardwalk Empire...and don't fergit Entourage.

    Cheers ALL and Happy Holidays!!

  5. I'm personally loving the fact that someone noticed his Cafe racer jacket straight off the bat.

  6. Sine qua non, cheap quality cafe racer jkt !!! On the other hand, it wouldn' t be pc for the dude to wear a several grands horsehide repro while visiting troops.

  7. It might not be the highest quality but it makes a nice change to see a someone wearing a leather jacket that fits them.
    Gotta say I'm more of a fan of Mark's work behind the camera than in front of it.
    Happy Holidays to all...