Friday, December 31, 2010


The clock just hit midnight here in good ol' Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan and I can hear my Communications Marines next door singing at the top of their lungs while playing Rock Band on the big screen.  They're content and just having as much fun as they can given our circumstances here, which includes leftover goodies from our Christmas party.  Morale is definitely up there.

In the next room, a couple fo my Officers and enlisted Marines are enjoying a game of darts and more goodies.

Not sure how many participants actually showed, but the midnight 5K should have just kicked off; however, with the freeze warning we received from the meteorological operations center I'm guessing not many. 

I'm very happy with the hard work my Marines are putting out and how dedicated they are to mission accomplishment. 

We would all rather be at home with loved ones, but someone has to do this and I would definitely take this detachment of Marines to war with me at any time and any place.

Have a wonderful year, friends, and  be Marines are on watch.


  1. Therefore I'll thank you for that! Be safe!

  2. Semper Fi from France !
    Take good care of you out there...
    Will follow you trough the year, helps me work on my English, ah !
    Great bravo for your blog !

  3. Thank you...thank you!


  4. Happy New Year John! To many more boots in 2011. Take care out there.