Friday, October 8, 2010


Wow!  Not sure what to say about these boots.  Because these were offered for only eight-hundred dollars (with no bids) from Japan would lead one to believe they are reproductions.  It's no secret they usually offer such items for insane scratch if original - I think they are at least 1940's.

Made of Cowhide, the brass buckles on these boots look like the reproductions being offered by Okuyama over at Hukurokuju.  The only turn-off (or not) is the floating instep straps.  What a great profile on these boots.  I'd definitely do eight to a grand, easy, on these.

The Friedman-Shelby Shoe Company has been around for at least century.

Group of workers at the Friedman Shelby Shoe Company, October 1910


  1. Wow indeed. When you say 'floating' instep straps, I assume you mean that they're not anchored under the heel panel, right?

  2. That is correct, Sir. Looking at the photo's again, there is really no actual counter (heel panel) there. This is just one unique pair of Vintage Engineer Boots. It's likely that the instep straps are aftermarket.