Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here are a couple of great shots.

Notice the boots on the far left - Very Knapp-esque with high instep straps, ala Road Champs. All boots have low-profile heels.

I like this shot because it appears the gentleman on the left is talking on his iPhone 4G.  By the looks of the way he's gripping it, he's about to lose the


  1. Wow! Must be great to find original photos like these!

  2. So, I'm wondering after looking at this pic, what is the right length to cuff jeans over engineer boots? I always cuffed mine to break at the top of the boots. But I look at old pics and they seemed to like them cuffed at the ankle.

  3. Personal preference. I own quite a few pairs of Engineer Boots of different shapes, profiles and sizes that they dictate the size, height and amount of folds in my denim. Jeans were folded like the in the pics above, because there's something about Engineer Boots (30's/40's boot profiles were the best) that makes one want to show off the instep strap and buckles...and perhaps 90% of the boot shaft - it's just a tough look. Keep an eye out for my other original photos with cuffs and Engineer Boots and you'll see the trend.

  4. Agreed, just look at stills from The Wild One.