Saturday, August 28, 2010


Brand: Red Wing 
Color: Black
Size: 7 1/2E (Wides can pretty much fit a size 8)
Length: 11 "
Width:  4 1/4"
Height: 10 1/2"
Leather: Unknown
Sole: Vibram #705 Half Soles
Hardware: Brass
Condition: "Very Good Shape"
Sold For: $285.23 / Only 6 Bids!
Seller: fairdeals101

I had these in my cross hairs at the same time I won my first pair of WESCO Boss Engineer Boots and was secretly hoping I'd lose the auction just so I could win these.  After all, these are vintage (they appear to be older than circa "1986") and, in my opinion, pretty rare and WESCO's can be custom-made at any time.  I had to make a command decision and although the thought of bidding (with full intent on winning) both boots was very appealing, I snapped out of it and chose the WESCO's only because the fit seemed to be just a hair better.  I mean, what does one man do with ten pair of Engineer Boots? 

This here is a great pair of boots at such an amazing price.  With the desirable profile brass buckles and the predictably amazing patina, these should have sold for at least a bill or two more.  I would've bid no more than $350.00

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