Sunday, August 22, 2010


What an enjoyable weekend!  The "Ma'am-in-Law" (Allyn) and I had a nice little jam session at home using her Fender B-Dec amp prior to Jillian and I heading out to the Del Mar Race Track for the Weezer concert.  Allyn has been playing the electric bass for less than a year and she can rock it out like the best of them.  I broke out the upright bass and she was just a natural.  She played the upright back in the eight grade.  Awesome job, Ma'am!!

Not the best view or sound from our vantage point, but still an enjoyable atmosphere.


  1. Hey Sir! What a pleasure it is to have a family "jam". Thanks for makin' the ma'am-in-law feel welcome (...and giving me way too much credit).Your playing makes me sound better, for sure! Can't wait to do it again! xo

  2. Hey John! Cool post i wish i had family that i can jam with if u are ever down to jam hit me up i have a 1953 bass, play in a couple of bands now but down to jam with a local.