Tuesday, August 10, 2010


According to CBS Moneywatch. 

1.  Weber Grills - Palatine, Illinois : The company attributes its success to the fact that its iconic charcoal-grill kettle design hasn’t changed shape since the grill was created in 1952.


2.  Tesla Motors Roadsters - Palo Alto, California: The first new American car company since the DeLorean.

3.  Herman Miller chairs - Zeeland, Michigan : More than 50 Herman Miller chairs are on display in the Museum of Modern Design in New York. The company has been manufacturing the Eames chair since its release more than a half-century ago.

4.  L.L. Bean’s Maine Hunting Shoes - Freeport, Maine  L.L. Bean has committed to make Maine Hunting Shoes in Maine for the next 100 years. One reason the boots are so popular: Bean’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like them, the company will refund your money, replace them or repair them, no questions asked.


5. Homer Laughlin China’s Fiestaware - Newell, West Virginia.  The colorful Art Deco-inspired tableware, a 1950s icon, has become a retro staple on American kitchen tables. That’s fitting, given today’s tough times. “My grandfather brought it out in 1936, during the Depression,” says Joe Wells III, the company’s CEO. “He told our designers the country needed something colorful to liven up the dinner table.”


6. Harley-Davidson motorcycles - Milwaukee, Wisconson:  Today, Harley is the No. 1 seller of heavyweight motorcycles in the U.S., producing more than 220,000 bikes with engines of 650 CCs or larger.

7. Viking ranges - Greenwood, Mississippi:  You could buy a warehouse full of Kenmores for the price of a single Viking Range, which will run you anywhere from $4,000 to $11,000. Viking’s gas ranges created a new niche: before they came along, the serious gourmet had to buy a commercial stove if she wanted to cook on gas at home. Now, chef-style gas ranges are all the rage among gourmands and Food Network fanatics.

8.  Allen Edmonds shoes - Belgium, Wisconson:  All but 2 percent of shoes sold in America are made overseas, so how does Allen Edmonds keep a toehold here? The company, which bills itself as the great American shoe company, has carved out a niche making beloved, hand-stitched, high-end men’s dress shoes domestically since 1922.

9.  Mortara Instrument ECG machines - Milwaukee, Wisconson:  When the FDA reviews the electro cardiographs of patients in a clinical drug trial, the data was likely collected by an ECG device made by Mortara Instrument. Mortara, considered the world leader in ECG technology, has keenly twinned cutting-edge engineering with database management by developing a unique warehouse to let clinical researchers submit their study stats for FDA review electronically. NASA’s a fan: It chose Mortara to capture ECG data from astronauts on the International Space Station. “Because we’re smaller than GE and Philips, we’ve had to develop innovative niches where we can be the best at what we do,” says Brian Brenegan, vice president in charge of finance.

10.  Tibor fly-fishing reels - Delray Beach, Florida:  Every inch of the reel, which has a lifetime warranty, is made in the U.S.

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