Sunday, August 8, 2010


Jillian and I paid a visit to our old Laguna Beach neighborhood today, so I decided to snap some shots of a few of my favorite homes.  There are so many more of these home in the area, but I just captured the ones on the way to our old place.

This shot shows the bridge connecting the garage to the main living area that sits on the side of a mountain

This is the home next door to the one pictured above

This home is just a couple of blocks from where we lived and we watched the build from beginning to end.  We anticipated so much more (it looked amazing in the skeleton phase), but it appears their momentum fizzled with the end product

Just random shots of a couple of old cars around the corner from our old home

Jillian calls this the Carlo (of Hollywood) home, because its windows appear to be inspired by Carlo painting forced perspective frames

Unfortunately, the interior decor of this home doesn't compliment the attractive exterior. At night, the owners leave the blinds open revealing a mediocre attempt at a vintage/retro designs.  Great use of  such a small lot, though.
Not sure what to say about this home, but it was directly accross the street from our home and was easy on the eyes
An old pump station in Downtown Laguna


  1. i never knew they had so many cool home in laguna, i used to take some architecture courses at saddleback college in mission viejo, bummed we never took trips to cool modern structures. thanks for the pics by the way was there a for sale sign on that little roadster?

  2. Oh you'd be surprised at the multitude of amazing modern homes just in my old neighborhood alone, just above downtown Laguna. No - no for sale sing on the roadster. Nice little ride, huh?