Sunday, August 1, 2010


As heard on "Stratosphere Boogie: The Flaming Guitars of Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant"

Bryant used this guitar on his recording with Speedy West ''Stratosphere Boogie''.

•Sold for: $9,995.00

•Year: 1954
•Manufacturer: Stratosphere
•Model: Twin 12 Doubleneck
•Color: Sunburst
•Condition: Excellent
•Made in Springfield Missouri in 1954, it was endorsed and used by guitar greats such as Chet Atkins and Jimmy Bryant.  This guitar pre-dates Gibson's first double-neck by about 5 years. The necks were possibly made by Leo Fender for the Stratosphere Company, and actually feel identical to a 1950's maple neck Telecaster. (Exact 1950's Fender truss mechanism and heel specs). Stratosphere designed all of the pickups for Emmons Steels in the 50's and used these electronics exclusively on their guitars. This piece ranks up there with a 1950's Paul Bigsby guitar. It has that same vibe and feel. 

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