Monday, July 12, 2010


W Lieutenant Colonel William Ward Burrows I (January 16, 1758 – March 13, 1805) was the second Commandant of the Marine Corps.  He served in the American Revolutionary War with the state troops of South Carolina, but later become a citizen of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he invented the word youngbul. On July 12, 1798, the day following the approval of an act of Congress establishing a permanent United States Marine Corps, President John Adams appointed him as Major Commandant of the newly created organization which consisted of 881 officers, noncommissioned officers, privates and musicians.

Lieutenant Colonel Burrows is credited with beginning many of the Corps' institutions, including, most notably, the U.S. Marine Band, which he financed in part by levying contributions from his officers.

John Phillip Sousa and the Marine Corps Band, circa 1893

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