Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Day two of training - Enhanced Marksmanship Program (EMP).  This training is designed to supplement regular annual rifle range qualifications and provide a more real world/combat type of engagement.

Corporal Carnes schooling us up prior to our shoot

In full gear prior to the shoot

Marines setting up Battle S Zero (BZO) targets.  A BZO is the elevation and windage settings on your scope/rear site required to place a single shot center mass on a designated target.  Ummm, guys...those targets look like crap.

Because this was the first time firing my M4 using the Trigicon ACOG scope, I shot on the 1st Relay target to determine what adjustments needed to be made.  I simply adjusted my elevation and windage resulting in my first shot in the black of the 2nd Relay target.  The two shots outside of this relay is the result of poor breathing.  Same for the 3rd Relay target - My first shot is centered; I jerked the trigger on my third and final shot resulting in the shot in the white.  No more adjustments were necessary on the rifle, just user adjustments.

Now for the not-so-fun part - cleaning the rifle


  1. I love those new digital camo. What do you think about them?

  2. this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun!

    All the gear just looks so heavy! I wouldn't be able to go any where.


  3. I'm used to them now, Chris. I'm of the school, though, where every Sunday was dedicated to starching and ironing the old pattern, stripping and spit shing my boots and continuing the same process throughout the week and repeat on Sundays. These are wash and wear and we don't look as "crisp," but what can one do...

    Well done, Mary!! :) It IS heavy. Marines end up with back problems after prolonged usage.


  4. Cleaning, fun! Bill just had his cleaning kit confiscated on the way home from A'stan - lovely! He wasn't too pleased.

  5. Uggghhh not Fun, Erin!! :)

    Hmmm, I wonder why they took it from him. Thanks for the note - I'll know not to carry mine with me.