Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm unsure as to why this did not bring in much interest, but the winner sure got a pretty good deal.  Add a gold or silver metal cap strap for $6.99 or add an exact replica rope (from your local craft store) for under $1.00 and you're still well under what this rare cap is really worth - I'd have paid up to $250 for this cap.  This one is from the early 1960's based on the granted patent underneath the bill. 

I owned the same cap with a white bill and original Harley Patch in a size 7.  Becuase it's made of all leather with no give, it fit like a size 6 7/8.  Having said that, I can almost bet that this 7 1/8 fit like a size 7.

Sold for: $97.55 / 3 Bids juststuff121

Kant-Krack Patent, Filed March 23, 1959 (granted August 7, 1962)

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