Thursday, June 10, 2010


Why are we still using 1980's videos?? 

I'm not sure why we were given an hour notice to attend a two and a half hour Equal Opportunity class first thing yesterday morning, but it was quite disappointing to come back to the office and have to play catch-up with my workload all day long.  Besides conflict resolution, equal opportunity and various other classes, the biggest subject of the day was sexual harassment in the work place.  The only thing I took away from the day's training (I've sat through at least 15 of these - one for every year in the Marine Corps) were the extremely cheesy videos used as training aids - the same ones I saw as a young Private First Class.  Here's an idea - let's update the films to at least the early 2000's.

This video caught the attention of the large class in more of a comedy and cheese ball aspect rather than a lesson-learned aspect

We were also shown this somewhat long video on discrimination - this one was a shocker.  ABC runs a series of these called "What would you do?"


  1. John, you look...bigger! Wait, I mean...TALLER! ;) We loved it, Bill used to work in the Division EO office.

  2. Ha!!

    I don't envy him for woking in the EO office - that must've been a tough gig. Although, I'm sure he heard a lot of off-the-wall cases. Among some of my billets at my last unit,I was also a Uniform Victim's Advocate (UVA) for sexual assault and prevention. I'm so glad I was never assigned a case.