Friday, June 25, 2010


Brand: Santa Rosa
Circa: 1950's
Color: Black
Size: 8E
Length: 11 3/8"
Width: 4 1/8"
Sole: Leather
Hardware: Nickel
Condition: "Pre-owned Condition"
Sold For: $158.49 / 16 Bids
Seller: jidaporn

Here's another pair of vintage Engineer Boots from jidaporn who suspects that the patches on the vamp were added to cover slits that were cut in order to provide more room for the original owner's high instep.  Plausible yet truly odd.  At this price, I imagine a cobler could tone down on the slit repair and make these boots less of a visual felony.  The heel and toe caps would definitely have to come off, unless one intended to actually race with them.  Overall good price!

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