Saturday, June 5, 2010


There once was a time, fairly recently, when these rockin' slacks would've sold for at least tripple their ending price - even the discolored and smaller pairs. Sure, a gazillion companies are reproducing these styles at the moment, but nothing can ever beat an original. 

Fifties clothing is selling for pennies on the dollar, so now is the time to stock up.

All but the pink pair were all sold by Brian "Snappygabs."

$260 - 1950's Rayon Gabardine slacks with Waldes zipper; amazing color combo!!  29 x 30

$152.50 - Rare 1950's Deadstock Campus Casuals slacks with matching belt, unhemmed, with detailed saddle stitching on pockets, along the seam...and on the belt loops!!  31x33.

$205 - 1950's Campus Casuals printed slacks with channeled and saddle stitched outseam.  28x28

$89 - 1950's Pink pegged slacks with saddle stitched outseam and matching belt. Size 14

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  1. You should only buy old stuff to enjoy, not to invest in. Like Beanie Babies, they don't make a good retirement fund.