Monday, June 21, 2010


En route to a mid-century hotel in Arizona for the weekend, Jillian and I decided to divert and head to Palm Springs.  Just thirty minutes away, Jillian was able to make reservations at a hotel she'd always been interested in - The Horizon Hotel.  With only twenty-two rooms (23 or 24, depending on what pamphlet or ad one reads), this was one of the most relaxing weekends I've ever experienced away from home.  At one hundred percent occupancy, we may as well have been the only guests there - conversations were kept to a whisper even poolside.  Amazing!  Temperatures reached over one hundred, but we didn't notice it since we spent the preponderance of our time in the pool.

Unfortunately, the few restaurants we visited around town weren't as pleasing but filling, nonetheless. 

We filled the "white space"* in with relaxing drives through the cornucopia of mid-century neighborhoods. 

Every other weekend or so, Jillian and I intend on "taste testing" different mid-century hotels. 

*Available dates on a military training calendar - usually filled in with not-so essential but worthwhile training.

Originally called L'Horizon, The Horizon Hotel is one of the few remaining mid-century modern hotels in Palm Springs.  Situated on 2.5 acres with glorious views of the San Jacinto Mountains, the hotel was originally designed in 1952 by renowned architect William Cody for Hollywood mogul Jack Wrather and his actress wife, Bonita "Bunny" Granville, as a retreat for their family and Hollywood friends.  Wrather produced the Lone Ranger and Lassie television series - the stars of which were frequent guests as L'Horizon. 

Main Office 
If only the integrity of the original rooms could have been maintained.  The printed barkcloth on the chairs are still being reproduced to this day
Our room (3B - far left) as it looked in the 1950's
Room 3B interior
Even bus stops resemble mid-century car ports 
Just a few original mid-century homes that caught my attention.  If I photographed every home I liked, I would have run out of camera space.  The mid-century modern homes around our neighborhood in Laguna Beach never evoked the same feelings as an original


  1. WOW so beautifull ! i love so much this architecture. You Americans are amazing. For week-ends, you have built a real leisure culture since the 50's. So much things to do during week-ends in your country : Farniente, drag racing, food, music... i'm really admirative.
    Very nice post.


  2. Thanks, Olivia! Yeah, there are a lot of neat things to do here, which has me wondering why I have never really taken advantage of them. This is the reason Jillian and I are gonna try more of these places.

    France is on the list, too.


  3. I hope you won't be deceiving by France ! Things changed a lot :( !!!!

    If you pass in South you must stop here :)