Sunday, June 13, 2010


I picked them up, brand new, back in April 1991 while on a family trip up to San Jose, California.  They were made by Double H and cost about $90.  I wore these like it was no ones business (that's all natural patina).  Notice the western style heels.  They didn't start off that way - I wore the heels down so far before the initial re-heel that the cobler had no choice but to reshape them.  I had the heels replaced at least six or seven times over the span of four years.  I believe my parents still have these boots somewhere in their home.

I snapped this photo around 1993

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  1. I wonder where my first pair is! They were a size 10 pair of Carolina's....wouldn't fit me now as I'm an 11 1/2. Bought them in 1985 at Harry's Army Surplus in Dearborn, MI. Also had a nice Brooks cafe style jacket back then too. Hand painted and studded punk rock style.