Sunday, May 23, 2010


Brand: Unknown
Circa: 1950's
Color: Black
Size: "8 1/2"
Sole: "11""
Height: "12""
Sole: Unknown half sole
Hardware: Nickel
Leather: Unknown
Condition: Good Condition
Sold For: $827.77

Back in February, I posted a catalog advertisement for a pair of glow-in-the-dark Engineer Boots. I had this advertisement saved on my computer for some years and stated that "This is one we'll probably never see in a life time." I also pointed out that this is "...a pair I'd love to get my hands on." Well, I am proud to say that I am the proud new owner of these rare boots.

I was introduced to eBay back in 1998 by one of my Officers, Major Summers, while I was stationed aboard Iwakuni, Japan.   His selling point to me was "if you want to find a vintage piece of gum, you can find it on eBay."  I have to say that we should never underestimate what we can find on eBay.  I expected these to sell for much more, but placed a bid based on what I felt they were going to go for and what they were worth to me - I was right on both accounts.   I wouldn't have been surprised if they sold for $1,200.  

Notice the toe tracks on the actual boot and how they are not present on the catalog photo.  The seller also states that the soles and heels were replaced - I think they are both original, but I'll find out for sure when they come in.  Overall, I am happy with the purchase price.


  1. wAoOoooooOOOOH so beautifull !!! Do you sleep with it, the first night you have received it ? ;-)