Saturday, April 10, 2010


I ran a mock Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) yesterday morning and was not too happy with the end result. As much as I'd like to prepare a little more before the June 29 deadline to achieve a perfect 300, I decided to declare my score. Between now and June, my work schedule won't permit me to train towards a perfect score and this is probably the best score I could get for now. My last score was 289 - I wanted to at least match this score and probably could, but unless it's a 300, I'll just to wait until the next PFT for the ace.  Oh well...

Dead Hang Pull-Ups: 20 of 20 (100 points)
Crunches: 100 of 100 w/in 2 minutes (100 points)
3-mile Run: 21:00:00 of 18:00:00 (82 points)
     -Average minutes per mile:  7 minutes
Total Score: 282 of 300


  1. I blame those short legs, if there were some Buco boots and salt and pepper lace backs at the finish I think you would make it.

    I believe we landed in that little harbor and offloaded our trucks from some Army LSTs when I went there with the Engineer company. Flat bottom LSTs from Stockton to Pendleton on the open sea was a horrible ride, but the chow on the boat was great.


  2. I agree, but they'd have to be deadstock :)

    Me being a Marine Corps Logistician, you definitely have much more exciting and interesting stories. Can't wait to hang out again and hear more.