Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Brand: Santa Rosa
Circa: "1940's / 1950's"
Color: Black
Size: 8C
Sole: Biltrite
Hardware: Nickle
Leather: "95% Certain They Are Horsehide"
Condition: Deadstock
Offered For: $3,600
Ebay Seller:  mr.goodstuff1

A rare find, indeed, but I have to say that our friends over in Japan wouldn’t even dare list these boots for such an insanely high price and we know how pricey their stuff can go for - They would price these for at least $1,500.  If they were really horsehide, I personally wouldn’t do more than $1,000. What would “serious collectors and aficionado’s“ value these at??

These boots clearly have a western influence with the western-style scallop and white piping. The instep straps are much too high (ala Mister Freedom Road Champs) and has that very unsightly vertical seam up the front shaft. Save for the attractive toe box, these boots, for this money, leaves so much more for the imagination. 

There were four offers prior to being pulled off the auction block. Perhaps someone offered a decent price? Or perhaps we’ll see these listed again at a more realistic price? Afterall, we are in a recession…


  1. I spoke to the son of the founder of the Santa Rosa Brand Company, Mr. Ken Kushins who grew up around the factory from age six before going to work there for 20 years until it was closed. He said they NEVER made horsehide boots under the Santa Rosa label.

    They did produce some Horsehide lace up boots under a private label contract for Wolverine but Wolverine supplied the hides...

    The seller is clueless. |-(

  2. I have a pair of vintage Santa Rosa engineer boots size 10.5 that was completely rehabbed by Hollywood Trading Company.


    They are like brand new, soles and all. I loved them so much that I bought them, but they don’t fit and I want to sell them.

    Are you interested or do you know someone who might want to buy them?