Friday, March 5, 2010


Brand: Sears
Circa: "1940's - 1950's"  These are 1960's / 1970's
Color: Black
Size: "10D"  I say they are about  an 8 1/2
Sole: 11 1/2"
Width: 4 1/4"
Height: 12 1/2"
Sole: Leather with Rivet and added O'Sullivans Half Soles with Biltrite Heels
Hardware: Nickel
Leather: Unknown
Condition: "Well taken care of"
Sold For: $575.00
Site: eBay
Seller:  find*it*for*u
These are pretty nice boots. I'll be honest - I asked the seller if he/she would take a Buy It Now, but unfortunately there was already a bid and I was declined. However, my offer wouldn't have been anywhere in the neighborhood of the ending price. I do hope the winner realizes that the instep straps were cut. That's a shame. I personally think long instep straps make a boot look tougher. Vintage Sears boots have been known to have long straps - The original length of these??

Aside from the period aftermarket half soles/heels and rivet, nothing about these boots would prompt me to pay anything above $200. The profile is reminiscent of a current-day Engineer Boot. It's obvious to me that they were recently treated by a shoe repair shop, erasing a lot of the history and personality created only by years of wear and tear.

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