Saturday, March 6, 2010


Run Date: March 6, 2010
Run Distance: 5.64 miles
Total Run Time: 44:02:69
Average Minutes Per mile: 7.8
Time of Day: 2:25 pm
Weather: Overcast, 59°
General Surface: Few Hills, Pavement, Sidewalk, Scenic, Waterfront, Low Traffic
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

I don't know what I was thinking when I deprived myself of water for twenty-four hours prior to this run.  I really wasn't even planning on running today, but had the urge to go shortly after consuming a Starbucks Venti Soy Latte and sammich this morning as well as a Trader Joe's Black Bean and Corn Enchilada just before - what a HORRIBLE idea!!  When I run I like to push myself, so it was pretty difficult to try and hold all that "food" down.  I'll have to run this again under better conditions to gain an accurate assessment.  

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