Saturday, March 6, 2010


Brand:  Carhartt
Circa:  "1930's -1940's"
Color:  Salt & Pepper
Size: 34x32
Waist:  32-34 (laceback)
Inseam:  32
Outseam:  45
Rise:  14"
Condition:  Deadstock
Price:  Active - $1,100 ($1,210 Buy It Now)
Site: eBay
Seller:  m9c9h9

This is the third offering of these pants since the end of February.  Why hasn't this amazing item sold?  Simple.  They are being offered at an extremely outrageous price.  The past couple of years, we've seen a steady decline in how much your average collector is willing to pay for vintage.  At this price, they are sure not to sell. 

There are some exceptions; however, where items easily sell for over a grand.  Those exceptions being most super rare 1930's / 1940's workwear,  1930's Horsehide jackets and early vintage Levis.  Every now and then a large or size 36-38 Buco J-24 will bring in over a grand, but they've been pretty much leveling off at an average of $800.  Chore/Railroad jackets are a hit and miss.  Additionally, as rare as these pants may be, surprisingly not very many collectors appear to be into lacebacks.

These wouldn't last a minute on the auction block if offered with a $600 Buy It Now.  

I personally am very fond of this style and would not have sold mine (pictured below) if they were a few inches smaller in the waist.

Carhartt was founded in 1889 as a furnishing business and then later made garments specifically for the railroad worker.  Click to read their interesting history. 

Mister Freedom offered a pair of lacebacks that are now close to being sold out and I recently sold a version on eBay.

Mister Freedom

I sold these on eBay for $79

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