Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Recently, Wesco Japan released a Limited Edition model called the "1950's Narrow Wesco." Although a nice looking pair of boots, they boast nothing really special but the idea of a 1950's style silhouette and what is claimed to be a "special last." At $1,400, they are selling like hotcakes. They are made with Black Fire leather, which is a black silicon tanned fire resistant Leather with a very dull/matte, natural surface finish - no artificial surface plating (paint job) and #700 Vibram soles.

The popularity of these boots is surprising to me in that they are essentially a Boss Style with a Motor Patrol toe, but for much more scratch. The welts appear to be bit wider, though, but nothing that should drive the price so steep.

The only thing one wouldn't be able to obtain through Wesco U.S. are the roller buckles as they are currently only offered in Japan. I'm sure there's a way to circumvent the system and place some special order.

I understand all vintage boots were not made with horsehide leather, but for this much scratch I would expect that type of leather to be used. One can even have these made with leather soles with the option of adding Cat's Paw half-soles later down the road.

A more period correct Wesco boot, for me, would be:
Last: Motor Patrol
Leather: Black Fire
Style: Boss
Soles: Custom Double Leather Sole with brown edge
*Extra Long Inset Strap (3") - Not period correct, but more for a "bad-ass" aspect
Hardware: Brass Buckles
Price: Approximately $700
Delivery time: Approximately 12 months

Motor Patrol Toes - Even with Hukurokuju half-sole treatment, thes would probably run just over a grand.  Still much less than the Narrow Wesco's.  Look similar?  I think so...

Although, a custom-made pair would take an insane 12 months, it still wouldn't prompt me to spend the extra $600.00. For just a little more scratch, I can have a pair of Toy's McCoy Horsehide Beck or Mister Freedom boots to hold me over until my custom Wesco's arrive.

Mister Freedom "Road Champ" - Just under $1,000


  1. >Last: Motor Patrol
    >Leather: Black Fire
    >Style: Boss
    >Soles: Custom Double Leather Sole with brown >edge
    >*Extra Long Inset Strap (3") - Not period >correct, but more for a "bad-ass" aspect
    >Hardware: Brass Buckles
    >Price: Approximately $700

    In Japan, these customs will cost more than $1000... custom fees are also unreasonably high. I hope wesco will realize that the biz situation in japan is really unfair to customers and will deteriarate their brand value down the road.

  2. I think this right, the onlyreason is the big biz in japan for this model.
    I send a message to Wesco last year with the specification you send (patrol toe, boss model, etc...) price like appro a boss model...
    One year later in Japan cost 1000$...
    toy mc coy's beck, good model?

  3. Great stuff John! I've updated my blog article on the photo badge to include a pic of some of mine!



  4. For that kind of money I'd just order the Engineer straps on the western boss. The toe is different, but it's narrower than the engineer toe and gives the same effect. And it wouldn't even cost $500.