Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been buying and selling on eBay now since February 1999 under the name Rockabilly4 and as much as I'd love to continue, I really can not find it within myself to agree with the exorbitant fees that have surfaced over the years. There are listing fees, final value fees, re-listing fees and, of course, image hosting fees.  You name it, eBay has found a way to charge a fee for it.

I imagine that these fee's are acceptable for full-time sellers, as there is really no other alternative, but for someone like myself who only sells part-time, it has become a bit overwhelming and takes the fun out the whole experience. I mean, really, it's more of a hobby for me than anything. That said, I'm going to start offering my items on the new Etsy store I've created with the same namesake as this blog.

Nothing will change with regard to my selling practices - I have over 1,265 unique feedbacks (1,470 total - of 24 Feb 10) with a 99.4% rating. Why, do you ask, is my rating not at 100%? Well, that is left by the few newbie's that thought an immediate negative feedback was appropriate rather than trying to work out anything they weren't pleased with. I pride myself on an enjoyable transaction for both buyer and seller.
Hope you find what you're looking fore as I'll be selling vintage 1940, 1950's and other vintage things I've collected over the past 19 years.
Here is my very first item on Etsy - be sure to visit often as I will be listing much more throughout the week.

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