Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Brand: Endicott - Johnson
Circa: "1915-1920's"
Color: "Dark Brown" with patina, but probably started off as black
Size: "10"
Sole: 11 3/4"
Width: 4"
Height: 17"
Sole: Leather
Hardware: Patina Brass
Leather: "Horsehide"
Condition: "Fine"
Sold For: $316.11
Site: eBay
Seller: cummer-snider

Here is a nice looking pair of early workwear boots at a pretty decent price.  There is no doubt in my mind these boots would have sold for much more if they were just five inches shorter and about one to two sizes smaller.  Really, what do you do with boots this tall nowadays - unless your riding a motorcycle or REALLY working in them.  These boots would make great riding PPE (personal protective equipment).  From a 1933 Montgomery Ward and Company catalog, there is a very similar pair of boots that would've been a great proof-source for the seller and, perhaps, would've raised the final sale price.
1933 Montgomery Wards Catalog


  1. Great boots, look like riding boots.
    What about boss or jobmaster by wesco?

  2. Boss and Jobmasters are my favorite Wesco styles. Check out hukurokuju.com and see how they transform these boots to look even better.