Sunday, February 14, 2010


Brand: "Sears"
Circa: "1940's"
Color: Black with patina to brown
Size: 8 1/2D
Sole: Unoriginal Cat's Paw Soles and heels
Hardware: Brass
Leather: Unknown
Condition: Distressed, used with wear marks all over
Sold For: $517
Site: eBay
Seller: lobojones

I am very surprised these boots sold for as much.  First, these are hardly from the 1940's, as advertised - 1950's?  Not even close.  In my opinion, I would put these at around 1970's.  I'm surprised the seller didn't try and slip in "horsehide" as the type of leather.

Aside from the nice patina and soft toes, there is nothing to hoot and hollar about.  One look at the seam down the front center of the shaft should have detered any buyer.  In my opinion, a seam anywhere on the shaft beside the back is indicative of a cheap pair of boots.  You can shine a turd all day, but at the end of the day it's still a turd.  In this case, Cat's Paw soles/heels were added to what I imagine started off as neoprene cord soles.  This is what I think drove the price up.  One can bring any pair of boots to a cobler and have Cat's Paw soles/heels added for mere dollars.  Don't be had by perty patina and soles.  With the soles not actually stitched to the upper, there's only so much those tacks can do to keep them on. 

These should have sold for WELL under $200.00 on a good day.  I wouldn't have dropped a shiny penny on these boots.  I hope the buyer is happy with his/her purchase.

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  1. These look like vintage Georgia boots from the 70s.They made boots with the front seam. I would be suspect of any repair that covers the entire old leather sole.