Sunday, November 15, 2009


Maker: Penny's
Circa: 1950’s
Size: 8 EEE
Measurements: 11 7/8 (heel to toe), 4 9/16" wide
Sole: Leather with Cat's Paw Half Sole
Hardware: Brass, Double Riveted Soles, Steel Toe
Leather: Uknown, but looks like Oil Tanned Cowhide
Condition: NOS (New Old School / Deadstock with light storage marks
Sold For: $750.00
Site: eBay
Seller: cumian

What a great find. This person "...I found these boots this past week at a local store while my kids and I were out and about running errands." He/she probably paid $20 for them. The profile is okay; nothing special - they look like current day boots. A bit steep at $750. I would have paid no more than $350.00.

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